School Lunch Program

Eat to Nourish


Mealtime at school is the foundation for a lifetime of well-being. Root to Bloom is committed to providing nutritious, wholesome food sources that children's bodies need for growing and their minds need for learning. Our team of experts provides made-from-scratch fresh menus that cater to evolving dietary preferences. Root to Bloom supports the development of students and the local farm communities, in order to sustain the growth of a long, healthy life for everyone involved. 



Benefits of Customized Lunches 

  • Fresh, Whole-food ingredients
  • Meet your child's health goals
  • Sanitary and safe food transportation:  food travels directly from the farm to the private chef to the school
  • Uniquely crafted meals incorporating up-to-date nourishing ingredients (i.e. fresh pressed juices and SUPERFOODS: chia seeds, hemp hearts, flaxseed, turmeric, cacao)
  • Locally, Sustainably and Seasonally sourced organic food
  • Highlight food as medicine and the therapeutic effects of food
  • Emphasize menus made from scratch
  • Meals that  inspire, heal, balance, and support optimal growth of your child
  • Happily Unprocessed: guaranteed meals that have not been boxed, frozen, or processed
  • Always fresh, never frozen 
  • Farms meet the criteria for safe growing and harvesting practices  
  • Kids win, Farmers win, Communities win

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Sample Lunch Menu

All items can be made gluten, vegan, and dairy free upon request

Nutritious Delivered School Lunches
Healthy Delivered Kids Lunches Portland, Oregon
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